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SOME BY MI Yuja Niacin Brightening Peeling Gel 120mL

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Soft and silky PHA Brightening peeling
From exfoliating to the clear and clean skin, all at once!
Dead skin cells is one of the main causes of a dull skin!
Gently remove the dead skin cells and experience the clearer complexion
through Yuja Niacin Brightening Peeling Gel.

🌱 Mild and delicate Exfoliation care 🌱
[[ PHA + Cellulose = ZERO Irritation ]]
It allows a mild peeling without skin irritation by softening dead skin cells with PHA and pushing them off with the naturally sourced cellulose.
* Information above is limited to the characteristic of raw material

1) PHA
Minimizes moisture loss and helps with softening dead skin cells

2) Naturally derived cellulose
Helps to remove impurities and softened dead skin cells by rolling them into a ball


1. After cleansing, evenly spread on a dried face, avoiding eye and lip area
2. Massage gently with fingers and rinse with lukewarm water

✅Tips for using Yuja Peeling Gel
TIP 1) Mild peeling
If you need a mild peeling, use it on a wet face after cleansing
TIP 2) Body peeling
Use on body areas where need brightening peeling such as elbow, knee, and back foot

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